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Sport Salt Theraphy

By introducing a slight modification in the technological process, we managed to maintain the natural composition of native element minerals, similar to curative salts, by adapting their content to help ease the post-fatigue regeneration. The saline bath is an external response therapy that acts comprehensively by thermal, mechanical (hydrostatic pressure), chemical, and osmotic factors.

It exerts direct impact on the skin and mucous membranes, and indirectly aects the entire body. Adequate temperature and mineral composition of the bath cause the opening up of skin pores to facilitate the absorption. The “saline film” formed on the skin provides the skin with long-lasting osmotic and antiseptic eects. Saline baths have stronger warming eects than water baths, encouraging biochemical processes long after the bath. Skin conductivity, neuropains, irritation, and agitation are decreased. In addition, Saline baths have anti-inflammatory and disinfecting eects.

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