Sport Salt Therapy with Collagen

Sport Salt Therapy baths have both anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effects that decrease neurological pain, irritation and agitation of the body. This effectively supports the body’s regeneration process and promotes excellent vascularity, nutrition and mineralization of tendons and muscles joints. This treatment also facilitates the body's adaptation to more extensive training impacts from exercise.  Iodides and iodine promotes the extension of collagen fibers, which results in increased flexibility.  The addition of collagen to the salt adds additional benefits in conditioning and appearance of the skin. The greatest results are achieved when used 2 hours prior to sleep, or directly after an intense training session or sports competition. Saline baths are a gentle form of external response therapy that can administered year round.

Application: Pour 1 cup of salts into a bath filled with warm water and stir until the salt is completely dissolved. The recommended bath time is 20-30 minutes. If possible, do not rinse the body after the bath.  It is recommended to gradually extend the time of the treatment, increasing the bath temperature and solution concentration gradually. After the bath treatment, always replenish your body fluids by drinking plenty of water

NET WT. 35.27 OZ (1000 g)

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