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The Greatest Gift To Yourself

Spa Memberships & Salt Cave Memberships

Exclusive to Puresòlspa, we now offer the lowest month-to-month spa pricing!

Salt Cave Platinum Membership $99 (unlimited 45-minute daily)

Salt Cave Gold Membership $79 (unlimited 30-minute daily)

Pure Salt Platinum Spa Membership $99 (for qualified 80-minute services)

Pure Salt Gold Spa Membership $79 (for qualified 50-minute services)

Our new spa membership program allows you to enjoy an amazing 50-minute or 80-minute spa treatment  .



Starting the Program:

Leaving the Program:

Spa Gold / Platinum Program FAQs:

Is there a membership fee to enroll in the program?
No, there is no membership fee to enroll. To start your program, we need to charge your credit card the first and last month payment.  The spa credit for your final month will be released to you upon 30 days cancellation notice.  If 30 days’ notice is not given, final spa credit is forfeited.

How long is the program for?
Your Spa Membership Monthly Program renews automatically each month with your payment.

When will my credit card be charged every month?
Your Spa Gold payment will be billed on the 20th of each month. This is done to allow time for your credit card payment to be processed and approved so you can have your credit available the 1st of the month. For this reason, we recommend that you do not use a debit card for your Pure Salt Gold/Platinum Program.

Can I cancel the program?
You may cancel the program at any time with 30 days written notice. If you cancel, you will be unable to re-enroll for a minimum period of 1 year. If you are a member more than regular 4 billing cycles, you may still use your spa credits for qualified services within 2 months. These spa credits have no cash value, and will not be refunded. If you are a member for less than 4 regular billing cycles, you may only apply the dollar value of the credits toward any full priced service. Immediately upon cancellation, you will no longer have special pricing or discounts on other services.   If 30 days’ notice is not given, final spa credit is forfeited.

What are the benefits of the Pure Salt Gold $79 program?
Each month you are billed $79 which can be applied to one of these 50-minute qualified services below:

You can purchase up to two additional qualified 50 min services for yourself at the same low $79 price each.

Any Non-Qualified Services will receive a 20% discount

If I am a Pure Salt Gold $79 member and want an 80-minute massage how much will it cost?
The cost will vary depending on the type of massage.  Your $79 will be applied to the 20% off the 80-minute service. (price will vary by type of massage)

What are the benefits of the Pure Salt Platinum $99 program
Each month you are billed $99 which can be applied to one of these 80-minute qualified services below:

You can purchase up to two additional 80 min qualified services for yourself at the same low $99 price each or 2 additional 50 min qualified services at the Pure Salt Gold $79 price.

Any services that are not qualified in the 50 and 80-minute program will receive a 20% discount.

Can I share my services with others?
No, only the member may use their monthly services.

Do I have to use the services each month? 
Yes, services can not be carried for more than one month. Benefits reset after the end of the month if they are not used.

How many PS services can I have in one day?

What happens if I have an appointment and I have to cancel it?
The spa has a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your appointment please do so 24 hours in advance. Our automated spa booking system automatically uses your Pure Salt Gold/Platinum credit 24 hours before as payment for your service, so you will lose the ability to use that credit later.

Rule of thumb is if you think you may not be able to keep the appointment cancel it. Should things change you can always call that day and see if any appointments are available.

Will my Spa Gold / Platinum Fees go up?
If you continue to be enrolled, your fees will not go up. Puresólspa reserves the right to revise any terms or conditions of the membership                                                                              

You will receive written notice if we revise any of the terms and conditions of spa membership program which affect the monthly amount billed to your account. We will send you a notice of change via email or US Mail at least 30 days prior to the effective date of such change. Except as expressly provided herein, we may modify our service pricing or product offering at any time without notice and such modifications shall be deemed effective immediately upon making such changes.

I received a Gift Certificate for the spa, can I use it to pay for my Spa Gold Program?
The Spa Gold/Platinum Program is set up for automatic billing of your credit card only. Your spa credit each month is tied directly to your credit card payment processing. Any dollar amount gift certificates may be used towards any additional services you have or toward retail products purchase. Any gift certificates for specific services must be used for the services purchased by the expiration date.

How can I enroll in the Program?
You may enroll in person at any of the spa locations by completing the Pure Salt Gold/Platinum Application.  It does take 72 hours to process your application, so it will not be available to you immediately.  You will receive an email when your program enrollment is complete and ready for your use.

May I upgrade or downgrade my program?
You may upgrade or downgrade only one time during your membership. For example, you can downgrade to the $79 monthly program but you will not be able to upgrade it again, or you can upgrade to a $99 and you cannot downgrade it again.

What is the gratuities policy?

At Puresólspa, we are highly qualified and talented service providers; we are committed to providing the best possible spa experience. If you feel your experience was exceptional, we kindly ask your gratuities to reflect the industry-standard guidelines on services:

Length of Service Suggested Gratuity
50 minutes $ 20 – $ 25
80 minutes $ 35 – $ 40
Salt Cave Sessions $ 2 – $ 5

Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between Puresólspa and you (The Client) and does not reflect Tapatio Springs Resort or any membership therein.